Saturday, 24 October 2009

In and out of Punta Arenas

I had set aside today to write a blog entry...but it seems that we're due out of Punta and down to Rothera in 15 minutes. I shall get back to discuss Punta shortly!

I think I'll give an introduction to the most civic-minded inhabitants of Punta - the stray dogs. So many of them! They run around importantly like they're shuttling between business meetings. I don't have time to upload all the dog pictures I took, but let me just introduce one who seemed happy to see me, and the pastry I just bought from the store:

He sat like that staring and wagging at me for several minutes. I broke off a piece and dropped it for him, but the 30 knot wind picked it up and blew it away - with him chasing happily after it! He could still be chasing it, as far as I know...

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