Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Solution to the Stock Market Crisis

Ladies and gentlemen, we've found the cause of the stock market plunge. It was my bad.

It seems that whenever I am a broke student, the Dow goes up; whenever I have gainful employment, and money to invest, it goes in the toilet. Anyone want to sponsor another degree for me? Always wanted to go to pilot school.

In other news, I'm back sleeping on a mattress on a floor in the village of Madingley. My trip back went well - Toronto to Heathrow in 6 hours, 15 minutes. Bit of jet lag, of course.

But November is shaping up to be a very quiet month, as we wait for the December 8ish departure. No more trips home, no more Italian glaciology benders, nothing.

But never fear, I'll find something to blog about. Perhaps I'll break another limb? One can always hope!

Saturday, 18 October 2008


Ah, back home again. Always good to be back in Perth County. Everytime I come back, there's something new to enjoy. Stratford has obtained two sushi restaurants, and St. Marys has a new pub with a hardwood floor, stone walls, and Fuller's ESB. And a television, unfortunately - oh, and the ESB is cold and not on a handpump. Still, it's one of the closest Canada has come to an all-star pub, and it's in my backyard. I'll take it.

And I'm doing what I usually do at home - nothing. Wandering around the county aimlessly. Reading old books. Feeding the woodstove. Watching the downfall of capitalism on Reuters. Good times.

The arm is slowly becoming usable again. I dropped the sling a few weeks ago, and did a bit of tentative cycling before I left Cambridge. I tried a pushup two days ago, though, and the arm gave me a jolt of agony that indicated I was taking things a bit quickly. So no gym for me yet. Which is a shame, because I always eat like a pig when I get home. It's a vicious cycle of sedentary life and food. I'm going out for a token jog every day, but I don't think it's cutting it.

Oh, and I voted, too. I decided to vote Green. Not because I'm environmentalist, really - I just like having multiple parties in Parliament. When you only have two choices, the Sarah Palins tend to pop up, I believe. And when you only have one choice, the Zuma's pop up.

But really, that's all I have to talk about. This is the calm before the Antarctic party begins again. Five weeks!