Saturday, 17 October 2009

The game plan.

Okay. Let's lay it out for the next season. I'm going to be here, there, and everywhere.

It all kicks off on Wednesday - that'd be the 21st, which may have passed by the time you read this. I will have packed up my room here in Cambourne, and my office - which also gets moved while I'm gone. Annoying, that - I usually use the office as storage for they stuff I don't take down. But it's all boxed up now. All good.

So here's the flight path.

Wednesday is London-to-Madrid-to-Santiago-to-Punta Arenas. I imagine it'll be at least Thursday by the time I get there. It's going to be pretty much the same as my first trip there, I suspect. But I should have a camera this time. Then, once again, there should be a bit of a wait, as we look for a good weather window to cross the Drake and get down to Rothera.

Then, from Rothera to Halley - that should happen by Oct 30 by the latest. That'll give me about two months on base before getting back to Rothera, between Christmas and New Years. Then, down to a base I haven't been to: Sky-Blu. I'll be shuffling some GPS sensors around down there - away from the Interwebs, which is unavailable, as it's a summer-only base. Then back to Rothera, sometime around mid-January, and then out. So there you go.

As I might be missing relief this year, it will be a different type of year for me - no cargo, nothing going in - just digging, mainly. Equipment that's already installed, buried by this year's snow. But since the time is a bit tight, we will be very dependent on the weather.

And that's that. Next blog will be from the bottom tip of Chile!

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