Monday, 5 November 2007


Sunscreen has very little taste, but it's not pleasant. I know this because I'm slathering it on, and sweating it off, so I still get burnt. It just falls off. And thanks to this damn ozone hole - whose presence was published from a desk less than 10 feet away from me - I'm getting burned pretty good.

I'm out in the field, now. Today we went to visit the Ice Rumples - a place 15km from Halley where the ice shelf is encountering much resistance and there is much activity. And by activity, I mean crevasses. We measure the locations of a triangle of stakes, roughly 100 metres apart from one another. Each year they move relative to one another, and we calculate the strains in the ice from these movements. A picture is forthcoming.

This year, one of the stakes was about 2 metres from a crevasse, so we roped up for our visit. But, of course, no problems ensued and that was that.

Except for the sunburning.


West Coast Cousin said...

There you go - I had no idea that Antarctica and Victoria BC had anything in common but now I know: both parts of the planet have a nice ozone hole. (ok, so we have thinning ozone) Sadly, while it is too cold in either location to lounge around in bathing suits, getting fried to a crisp in short order is all too easy. What about sewing a big brim to your toque?

Ryan said...

Possible! Although usually I'm wearing a snowmobile helmet. I think it's all about managing sweaty work vs. sunscreen application. I'm working on it.