Thursday, 18 October 2007


Ok, I now have a camera, but I don't have time to download pictures yet. And I don't have a battery charger; I left it in Canada, apparently. Instead, may I offer a map showing the next point from which I shall blog, Punta Arenas. I shall be there on Saturday, I hope.

Since my last post - expect posts to be much more regular now, by the way - I have continued packing, packing, packing. Mostly at work. Space is completely limited on my flight in, so I've had to ditch or delay most of my personal luxury items. Delayed, most of them. In particular, I have heroically delayed my x-country skiing gear, my downhill ski boots, my favourite pillow and quilt, and my latest Jack Whyte and Colleen McCullough books. They'll be arriving on a ship in the next few months.

I have kept my Yagi antennas, extensive arrays of GPS devices and radio modems, my fancy new iPod nano, laptop, and camera. So, traditional distractions have been supplanted by technological ones, mainly because I need them for my work (except the nano, a 4-ounce luxury).

Still overweight on luggage, though. I need to carry my own 17 kg kit bag, containing all my winter gear. I may thin that out a bit...there's a lot of extra gear in there that no self-respecting Canadian would need in -20C.

Less than 12 hours from takeoff! Expect the next post to come from a Spanish-speaking country, either Spain or Chile. Hopefully Chile. If I have time to blog something from Madrid, something's gone awry.

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