Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Ave atque vale, Cantabrigge

Whew! What a couple of weeks. I've been running my ass off, getting a bunch of things done. When I last blogged, I was learning about BAS at Girton. Well, that went off pretty well. Since then, I've done first aid and field training. In theory, I should be able to pull off the following:
  • Tether myself to my companion while we explore a glacier region with crevasse potential;
  • Assuming my companion falls into a crevasse, prevent myself from falling in as well;
  • Tie him/her off, and abseil down to check him/her out;
  • Provide CPR as necessary;
  • Scale back up the rope;
  • Set up a block and tackle to pull him/her out; and
  • Keep them warm and happy until help comes, if needed.

Much of the training was done in Derbyshire, my new favourite place. Great little villages, nice farms and architecture, and nice hilly bleak landscapes. We set up our tents on a nice horse farm, where the friendly landlord had nice stone outbuildings, an incredibly energetic kleptomaniac border collie, and a thick brogue that was almost incomprehensible. We were within walking distance of a decent pub, too.

Damn, I need a camera, to show you this stuff. I'm buying one in the next few days, along with a new iPod nano (or Touch), and a bunch of other little toys to take with me. I've already got noise-cancelling headphones, which I strongly recommend to all, for the sake of your hearing and comfort. The brand is Audio Technica, and they're $120US. And buy them in the US, if you can. They're not available in Canada, and ludicrously expensive in the UK.

Anyway, I returned from Derbyshire to realize that my flight was one day earlier than I expected. After spending the weekend in Norfolk, I had about 8 hours to pack up my room and officially move out of residence. So, after four years, I have finally departed the University of Cambridge. At least, until next week, when I get temporary accommodations at Wolfson before I head down.

And, now, after some serious car troubles, I am back at my parents' place in Avonton, relaxing for a brief while, before things get busy again.

And I promise pictures in every entry from now on. I'm off to buy a camera.

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Alan said...

Olympus has a weatherproof camera that may work for your needs. Make sure you get a viewfinder: LCD screens are useless in bright light.