Sunday, 13 December 2009

The weeks tick by. I now have a changed plan - I shall remain here for the first half of relief. We have two ships coming in, just like two years ago: the Shackleton, everyone's favourite Antarctic supply ship, and the Igarka, a Russian ship carrying the big Halley VI modules.

Some long-time readers may recall that two years ago, we unloaded the Shackleton first, as it has more people, lifting gear, fuel, food, etc., that make life easier all round. However, due to ship problems, the Igarka will arrive first this year. Thus, the personnel shortage. Thus, I'm sticking around for a bit.

Should be interesting, as I think I'll be sleeping on the Russian ship. Mixed feelings about that! It'll be unique and different; however, cabbage soup appears to be a favourite on the menu. I think the chefs have an idea cooking - so to speak - to set up a little cafe down on the coast.

In the meantime, I finally got out to finish my field trips. Antarctic Pole was re-installed at a new location:

... beside a crack 2 km wide...

... with another pole (this one with a solar panel) on the other side.

We'll see what they have to say about the crack movement over the next year. Susanna took a brief video capturing the Pole's departure from Halley:

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