Saturday, 15 March 2008

And that's the end of it....

Yep. Here I am, sitting in Oxford. It's 7:00 AM and raining steadily outside. I'm back!

The last couple days in Johannesburg were fairly uneventful. The hostel at which I stayed was quite suburban; very little around it. Nice backyard, though.

So, I spent most of the time accompanying the hostel owner (Patrick) on minor errands and reading my books. Which was fine by me. The only commercial establishment in the area was a bar and grill that sold a damn good mexican pizza with garlic and avocado on it. And they sold absinthe. So these two items supplied much of my calorie intake for a couple days.

And then it was time to go. That was that! Patrick took me to the airport; I waited; got on a British Airways plane; and 10 hours later, got back to Heathrow with very minimal fanfare.

Then it was straight to Oxford; as I don't have any accommodations in Cambridge yet, Glen was kind enough to put me up for a couple of days. Until today, that is. The Blumenthal-Roseman wedding is this afternoon, at Wadham College, and it will be a great chance to see everyone from Cambridge again.

However, one of the first things we did was a stop at the White Hart in Fyfield, a pub that I had arbitrarily designated as the end of my Antarctic trip. And, so, here I am at it, with my long-lost cider!

And with this politely smiling picture, I believe it's time for me to bring this blog to a close. After today, there are still many things to sort out - where I will live in Cambridge, conferences to attend, trips back home, and so on. But we wouldn't want to make a liar out of the blog title by discussing them, would we?

I haven't decided whether or not I will fire the blog back up next season...I probably will, as we have some cool projects on the horizon. This includes measuring chasms - bigger than crevasses, as one may guess - and some deep field work. And watching Halley VI come alive.

But until then, thanks to you all for reading along. I've enjoyed writing it. If you've been a constant reader, feel free to drop a comment below saying who you are! Always nice to know.

And, of course, I'll finish with one last set of penguins! And a skua.


Becky said...

I shall stand up and be counted:

My name is Becky and I am a regular reader of this blog!

There, I said it.


Anderson said...

I express the same sentiments as the chick above me.

Now what shall I do?

Coralee Foster said...

I enjoyed reading your blog all winter and I look forward to next year's edition.

Glad to have reconnected with you after a lot of years....


Tricia said...

I enjoyed the trip, especially since I managed to stay warm. Until your next trip, perhaps you should consider starting a blog of editorials on "The Family Guy." You realize, of course, that if you shirk your duty to keep all of us entertained, Becky will have to double her output.

Eva said...

Very nice wrap-up for your 4-month adventure.

Anonymous said...

We enjoyed your writing and the kids loved the photos, although for some reason they don't believe they are real. Could be the snow - what is that weird white stuff?

Anyhow, please send me your reg. email my last name

the Victoria British Columbia gang

Monitor de LCD said...
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Anonymous said...

Ryan, I will miss your blog and the penguins. It has kept me entertained and informed over the past few months and it's left a little gap in my daily life now!