Sunday, 20 January 2008

Second stop on the Halley Tour: Laws Building

It's been a long time since my last stop on the Halley tour - the Simpson. But now it's time to look at the main building of Halley: the Laws. This is where I sleep, eat, drink, and recreate. If that last word may be used in verb format.

Anyway, the Laws is the biggest building here. It has one hallway:

When you walk in, you turn to the right and take off your boots in the aptly-named boot room. There, you can play the annoying game "Find your own boots/jacket among 25 other identical ones". It's rather empty at the moment:

And then, you're usually hungry, so you go to the dining room:

The kitchen is in behind it; if you're not at a scheduled meal time, then there's always loads of leftovers in the refrigerated counter by the window, there. Much like a certain household in Norfolk I frequented once, "counter food" is quite popular.

Care for a drink, or a game of pool? Wander across the hall to the bar:

The bar itself has a brass profile of Antarctica inlaid into the surface, a must for my own yet-to-be-built bar.

If you want peace and quiet, because the bar/dining room is too hot and sweaty, try the library:

I'm sitting in that green chair right now as I write, incidentally. Then, when you're tired of touring the Laws, you can go brush your teeth in the can...

...and then go to bed. Top bunk, for me.

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