Sunday, 25 November 2007

A quiet weekend

And so it was.

Friday, though, saw the influx of some new people, as I mentioned. Six more inmates were shipped in, including the Halley VI project manager, a new sparky, and...well, I haven't found out yet about the others. They came in on the same "Nice try, Lao Che!" plane that we did; but from the other side - Capetown to Novo (Russian base) to Troll (Norwegian) to here. And the same crew, out of the 'Shwa (Oshawa, ON, Canadia).

They came bearing a few gifts - for me, a set of radar reflectors, some new GPS equipment, cables, a camera battery charger (which I neglected to pack first time around), and some maple syrup. This is all stuff I packed myself in September, except the charger. Nice to see it again, though.

As they were a bit spaced out upon landing - a feeling I can understand - I didn't see too much of them on Friday. But yesterday, they all made it out to the bar, for a good night. After a few ports, I was busy convincing many of the winterers that they should look into island real estate in Nova Scotia. Not sure why, really, but it is pretty cheap.

Also, the dawn of Saturday morning revealed a clear crisp day to go do another rosette site, so we did. (And I should air-quote "dawn", as the sun certainly never left the sky all night!) But, now that you're all rosette experts, there's not much need to talk about it. I did take a picture, though; this time, it has my noble steed in it as well:

After that, things manked up quite a bit, and we lost visibility. Pity, as I was going to show off the vehicles in this blog entry. Maybe the next one.

And, what the hell, let's throw in another penguin picture, since things are slow at the moment.


Anonymous said...

Oh yay, more penguins! One of the those little fluffy ones would look lovely in my flat - pop one in your pocket for me!
El x

Lynne said...

There really is nothing quite like the sight of a skidoo to make me feel like you're really not that far away from us!

Ryan said...

Trust me, El, they look nice, but they don't smell all that good! And, with the trip home, it would have to be a very large pocket.

Now a snowmobile, on the other hand...that might be a fixture when I get home! You should get one, Lynne, and take it out to Jasper now and then.

west coast cousin said...

Did the plane bring you new food, or do you have to put the maple syrup on kidneys? (yuck. what a vegetarian nightmare....)

Ryan said...

No food yet. But the kidneys haven't shown up on my plate for a while either. We're still getting a decent mix of food.

Boo said...

Ryan - did your baggage include protein powder, sweetie-pie?

Anonymous said...

Hey Ryan,

We were arguing over using your stapler that says: "property of ryan on it". And i told the guys that your in the antartic.

If you still need the stapler I can post it to you. Not sure if UMS covers where your at... ;)

Hope things are going well down there.

Ryan said...

Protein powder is coming on the ship. Must rely upon large slabs of meat in the meantime, which certainly aren't in short supply.

And Maurice, if you could build a little glass shrine to me in the lab, maybe between the former desk of Dr Ng and Nick W, then stick the stapler in there. And make sure nobody removes it. But please UPS the field hockey stick down...I miss it.