Tuesday, 13 November 2007

The melt tank, and signs of interest at Rothera

A quiet week so far, down here. This week, I'm on melt tank duty. In our backyard - or front yard, I suppose - there is a hole in the snow, with a lid. This is our water supply. Everyday, we need to chuck snow in the hole, which is then melted and becomes our drinking/shower/everything water.

Once you've done melt tank duty, you get a new found respect for water conservation - knowing that every kilo of water you use for your long shower has been shovelled by someone. Makes your showers very efficient - many probably reduce it to George Carlin's four main areas. Google it, if you can't guess what they are.

Anyway, while I was downloading the Simpson pictures, I noticed a few pictures on the camera I neglected to post a few weeks ago. While I was night shifting at Rothera last month, I took a camera with me and snapped some pics of some of the signs around the base. Here are three:

1. Trust me; behind this door, there is nothing as interesting as the signs may suggest.

2. A very passive-aggressive reminder, possibly from a self-loathing environmentalist:

3. And finally, from the department of "I wasn't going to, but...":

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