Wednesday, 24 October 2007

A few pictures, finally.

Right. Here we go. This is my hotel in Punta Arenas:

and here is a random lake just south of Punta:

Here is the view from the seat of my airplane (not from the cockpit, sorry):

and here's a couple shots around Rothera (there'll be more, in and around buildings)

I took that last one, so I'm obviously not in it. These are some of the guys that I travelled down with. Simon, the one on the left, will be going to Halley as well; the other three are in my office and will be going deep-field.


Anderson said...

How very Hoth-esque. Looks awesome. Are you going to start a Flickr site to put some of your higher resolution pics?

Ryan said...

Meh. I'm not taking that many pictures, to be honest. I could, I suppose. But these ones are full-size when you click on them.