Sunday, 2 September 2007

Pack, pack, pack...

Well, it's packing season for me. The reason the BAS (that's "British Antarctic Survey") employed me in early August was to prepare for the ship leaving in about a week. This ship will have all my bulky stuff - solar panels, wind turbines, batteries, poles, iceproof boxes, antennas, etc. I've had a few weeks to make sure nothing's missing, and order the missing items in time. Most of it's ready, but there are bits and pieces still missing...and once I'm down there, I can't get replacements.

Of course, I can carry things with me down there...but every piece of equipment I bring with me on the plane, displaces another personal item such as books, soap, skiis, I'd rather get it all now.

After that, I have to start thinking about packing up my life, as Wolfson finally gives me the heave-ho in about three weeks. I get 40kg to take back to Canadia on British Airways (I'm taking a rest from the low-cost transatlantics such as Zoom and Flyglobespan) and the rest will either go into storage, into my office, or stored at someone's house. After two almost-uninterrupted years in Plommer House, I've managed to accrue quite a bit, but I've become quite skilled at ruthlessly throwing out the non-essentials.

After next week, the training begins. This should be fun, and I'll try to post some pictures, if I get a camera.

Until then...

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